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StuNurse is an innovative full-color, full-size, professional journal, accompanied by a supporting website and interactive companion digital ePub, from Publishing Concepts, Inc., the nation's largest publisher of State Board of Nursing magazines.

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We mail StuNurse magazine to every nursing school in America - Over 2300.  Engaging student nurses and staying involved with them throughout their careers is our goal.  We provide interesting articles and timely news about education, employment, and continuing education.  It's deisgned to keep nurses up-to-date with the every changing requirements in their chosen profession.

We know that all nurses are lifelong learners using their knowledge in service of others. That is exactly why the information & articles in StuNurse is compiled from  officials, deans, directors and senior faculty from nursing schools, hospitals and state boards of nursing as well as students around the world to collaborate & share their experiences and best practices with one purpose...to advance the science and art of nursing.

Your power of choice defines the very best in career education.

We hope to assist you in making those choices.

Reach. Recruit. Retain.

The demand for nurses is rising, with nursing shortages forecasted for almost every region of the nation, across all specialties and environments, including nurse education. It is now more important than ever to use tried & trusted partnerships (online and offline) to engage and educate nurses, faculty, students and administrators.

StuNurse magazine and its supporting website reach every accredited nursing school across the nation. It is delivered to over 2,300 schools of nursing and is read by over 250,000 students and educators quarterly.

We have 20 years of experience, serving 21 state boards of nursing and 2,300 Schools of Nursing reaching 2.1 million nurses and students, each quarter, every year.

We are trusted, read and respected by student nurses everywhere, every day and most importantly, we believe in nurses and they believe in us!

StuNurse provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach out and connect with nurses excited about their careers and receptive to exploring a variety of career opportunities.

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StuNurse’s journal & website reach nurses and students in all 50 states. Students & nurses respect and look forward to these magazines as a credible source of information pertinent to their futures as professional nurses. The content includes licensing information, scope of practice updates, regulatory bulletins, continuing education, advanced career track opportunities and a variety of other important career development information on both a state and national level. Over 2 million nurses, students, faculty & other healthcare officials read and trust our journals each quarter. Click Here For More Information